Client Testimonial

"What a transformational experience it was. I felt listened to and heard. I felt safe. And in this context even the more probing or challenging questions invariably resulted in something worth searching for. All of this done with great sensitivity, understanding and gentleness. Ed managed to combine this sensitivity with a really pragmatic approach to specific challenges: with these “easy wins” he inspired in me real faith that the more significant goals were achievable too. And he created manageable strategies for me to do this. There was always space to check back in – to see how things were going and what the impact was: Ed showed great flexibility in his approach, responding to me with real perspicacity. Thanks to Ed I achieved what I set out to, and more than that, the experience opened my eyes and my mind. I had the most amazing sense of release – even after the very first session...Try it!"

RD, Penarth
Client Testimonial

"Having had therapy at various stages in my life, I was a little cynical when I first started with Ed. On top of that, I felt that I was one of those people whom hypnotherapy couldn’t help: stubborn, scared, and too much of an over-thinker, so I thought that I would out-think the process. In fact, it was quite the opposite. What I’ve learnt while working with Ed has honestly been life-changing, and in the most refreshing, life-affirming way. I feel that decades of rigid neural pathways have been turned into positive and flexible ways of thinking, and that even the physical symptoms of fear and anxiety have dissipated since I have been able to approach them, and my attitude to my feelings in general, in a new, kind, and accepting way. The mental shifts have had great repercussions on my family atmosphere too: I no longer fly off the handle over small things, grumble resentfully at everyone for hours on end, or spend hours fighting back tears that I can’t even explain.
As a therapist, Ed is warm, entirely open and non-judgemental, and energetic. He meets you in the middle when you talk, so that it doesn’t feel (as therapy often can do) like talking into a void, and he is gentle with his suggestions and explanations. As a ‘doer’, I was happy to get ‘homework’ (nothing strenuous! Just a clever continuation of the work from the sessions) which helped me feel that I was always in control of how things progressed, and helped me to process and reconsider our discussions from a different perspective. I now use many of the tools that he has taught me, in everyday life and situations that crop up, and I feel that I have grown resilient, flexible, calmer and more contented. Life still has plenty to throw at me – at all of us – but I am truly happy to have had, and continue to have, Ed’s help to learn how to make the most of the time we have, to be optimistic, clearer-minded, and to be true to myself."

ED, Haywards Heath
Client Testimonial

"Ed helped me conquer my anxieties around driving and to pass my driving test. A few sessions with Ed gave me the confidence to approach driving with a fresh mindset, to acknowledge my nerves and overcome unhelpful patterns of behaviour. The video sessions worked really well (and I’ve got as much Zoom fatigue as anyone), as it felt like I was in the room with Ed - in a safe space to work on my fears. I’ve already recommended Ed to my friends and family."

MG, Stroud
Client Testimonial

"Working over a few sessions with Ed has really helped me lift up some dark clouds. His approach to therapy, drawing from different methods, schools of psychology, mindfulness and hypnosis was a deeply grounding experience. It helped me find and understand tools I can still use in my daily life when I see stress and dark moods coming at me.

Ed's warm energy, his talent to listen, even though we did this entirely remotely via zoom, were a real asset to our discussions, allowing me to open up even more than I thought I would and to go deeper into understanding myself.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who has got a storm in their head. He will teach you how to look at the tempest from a distance and open up the skies above your heads."

CW, France
Client Testimonial

"I first started sessions with Ed because I was suffering from anxiety that felt paralysing. I was so busy with work, and was totally frozen. He helped me to listen to my body, and find a place that was calm as my base line, and it allowed for a proper exploration of the route of my anxiety, which (of course!) was related to a whole raft of different things - unexplored grief, holding on to old habits...

Ed is both a great listener and a very active therapist, so I really felt as though I could make real progress. I am currently in a really good place - more positive and motivated than I have been for a long time. Ed will help you, support you, push you and offer just what you need, tailored to your own needs. I cannot recommend him highly enough - especially if you work in the performing arts industry - a world which he is part of and understands thoroughly."

J.S, West Yorks
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